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Johns Hopkins @ Rutgers!!!
by posted 04/16/2021

Hi all,


Just a heads up that we have some great college lacrosse in our backyard this Saturday evening.


Johns Hopkins @ Rutgers = Saturday, 5pm


I believe online-only tickets must be purchased in advance!!!  Google "Rutgers Lacrosse" and you'll find your way to the ticket sales.


I will be there with Max and some others, and would love to see some of our players join us.  I will likely just stay in the area after our Saturday game, and get to the parking lot early and hang out until gametime.


Hope to see you there!



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Grade 5 Boys Lacrosse
by posted 04/11/2021

All - per SLC and Westfield, both games are on today rain or shine. Cancellations will only occur if there is severe weather, and you will be notified of any cancellations as early as possible. 

Today's games are on. 


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Summit Boys Grade 5 Lacrosse
by posted 04/09/2021

Happy Friday All!


Longer message today, so please take 5 minutes to read this!


We are excited to get back into gear as players return to play after Spring Break etc.  As games begin and our season ramps up, I am sending a quick reminder on some of SLC's policies around coach, parent, and player conduct, and a request that you please be diligent about RSVPing on TeamSnap, especially for games.


1) PLEASE RSVP FOR ALL GAMES ON TEAMSNAP!!!  Coaches need this info prior to each game so we can form a game plan based on who is attending.  This will be particularly important this year as we expect some quarantines and conflicts, so we need to plan ahead for each individual game based on who is showing up.  This is really important, so thanks for helping us with this.  The way I like to do this is to go in and reply as "IN" for all games and then change to "OUT" as soon as I learn my son can't attend a game.  As of now, my son is attending all games unless something changes, so he has already RSVP'd for every game as "IN". 


We will be monitoring who is diligently RSVPing, and who is not respecting this simple ask.  If you have questions about how to RSVP, please email Stephanie.


2) The SLC has a written CODE OF CONDUCT that we should all adhere to - you can find it on the SLC website, and here are a few key points:

***COACHES = teach responsibility, respect for other people, and good sportsmanship, and do so by setting a good example whether we are winning or losing.  POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE, while teaching lacrosse and holding players accountable for their actions and behavior.

***PARENTS = same as coaches responsibilities above.  We've all seen it before and it's not pretty = please do not coach or referee from the sidelines and focus on being POSITIVE if your voice is going to be heard.  There is no reason why negative language of any sort should come from parents on the sideline - nothing negative towards any players, coaches, or referees please.  POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE.  Let's win or lose with honor and enjoy the season. 

***PLAYERS = have fun, work hard, improve, be on time/early, be a team player and do not talk negatively about teammates, respect and cooperate with coaches, play by the rules, never use foul language, do not trash talk to an opponent, and respect and do not question the referees.


3) 24-HOUR RULE = If you would like to discuss an issue with coaches or the SLC, please wait 24 HOURS before sending an email to anyone.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteering our time, and like you we do not have enough time in our days between our jobs and families.  I will add that every single coach on this team is a good person with the best intentions for all players.  That said, if you have an issue that you'd like to discuss with us, we are absolutely open to a discussion.


Lastly, I want to say that a lot of time and effort goes into managing a lacrosse season, and Stephanie deserves all of our thanks.  The scheduling is extra hard this year with field changes, cancellations, and all the other challenges we know too well.  Let's all please be extra patient and courteous towards one another, and let's have an awesome and fun season that leaves every player and family loving Summit lacrosse!!! 





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2021 Summit Lacrosse - Grade 5 Boys - Welcome & March Schedule
by posted 02/11/2021

Summit Lacrosse Families,


Welcome to 2021 Summit Grade 5 Boys Lacrosse Team!


I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.  Most of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is Paul Vasady-Kovacs and I am the head coach for the Grade 5 boys lacrosse team.  In addition to having a passion for lacrosse and teaching the sport to Summit's youth, I also have a passion for teaching some important life-skills through the sport of lacrosse.  Positivity, teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect, winning and losing, hard work, focusing and listening, intensity, and HAVING A TON OF FUN are just a few things that come to mind when I think about our program.  I am dedicated to all these things and more, as our the outstanding coaches who volunteer their time with me.  This is our 5th year together as coaches and a team, and I can tell you that we are fortunate to have such a great group of coaches, players, and families come together each year.  We always look forward to welcoming new families as well.


A special shout out to our team's Manager, Stephanie Spinner.  Stephanie is a tremendous resource for our players, families, coaches, and the entire Summit Lacrosse Club.  Most communication around scheduling, etc. will be coming from Stephanie, and she can field most questions.  If you have questions about lacrosse or your son, you should direct those to me or one of our coaches.  Big thanks to Stephanie!


Three important things to note as we approach the start of our season:


1) Grade 5 is one team that will always practice together as one team.  As we get a few weeks into the season and have a look at our players, we will divide into two EQUAL STRENGTH sub-teams for purposes of playing games against other towns, and scrimmaging internally against each other at practice.  This ensures plenty of playing time for all of our players.  There are no A and B teams based on skill.  Our two sub-teams will be known as Maroon and Gold and players will be assigned to a team in late March. 


2) Players of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to join our team - we will have a diverse mix of experience and ability, from year-around club players to first-timers and everything in between.  Practices will be designed in such a way that players of all abilities will work on skills that are appropriate for their level of play, and our overarching goal is EVERY PLAYER IMPROVES from week to week.  No player will be left out or left behind.  This program and the Summit Lacrosse Club are designed to include as many players as possible in an effort to uphold the great tradition of Summit Lacrosse.  Players with more experience will be expected to help and lift up players with less experience.  As our players get older, they will all benefit from having as many players as possible participating and playing their best lacrosse, and it takes time and a team effort to build up to this.  What we all do today as coaches and players will determine our future success as a team.


3) As of today we have over 30 players on our roster, and I would like to see that number get closer to 40.  Please SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT 5TH GRADE BOYS LACROSSE, as well as the Summit Lacrosse Club in general.  This is an outstanding community based program that truly benefits all players, and the volunteers who coach and manage our teams are dedicated to player success on and off the field.


March schedule (this is highly sensitive to field conditions so pay attention to announcements and changes):

Saturday 3/6 = Upper Tatlock = 2-3:30pm

Sunday 3/7 = Upper Tatlock = 3-4:30pm

Wednesday 3/10 = Glenside Large = 6:30-8pm

Friday 3/12 = Investors = 6-7:30pm

Saturday 3/13 = Investors = 2-3:30pm

Sunday 3/14 = Upper Tatlock = 12:30-2pm

Wednesday 3/17 = Glenside Large = 6:30-8pm

Friday 3/19 = Investors = 6-7:30pm

Saturday 3/20 = Investors = 2-3:15pm

Sunday 3/21 = Upper Tatlock = 12:30-2pm

Wednesday 3/24 = Glenside Large = 6:30-8pm

Friday 3/26 = Investors = 6-7:30pm



Our schedule will eventually be loaded into a system that you can log into and view, and notifications will be sent to you regularly via text and email.  We will make an effort not to send unnecessary notices.


That is all for now, and please stay tuned for updates on the start of our season.




--Coach VK




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